At the core of our project stands the story of Yarico – an Amerindian woman who saved the life of a British merchant shipwrecked on her shores. The extraordinary meeting of two people from such contrasting worlds couldn’t have ended more dramatically. Having fallen in love with each other, they decided to leave Yarico’s land and head to England. On their way to England the ship stopped in Barbados, where Yarico’s lover sold her into slavery.

When her story made its way to England it instigated a whole discourse on gender equality, showcasing the predatory nature of 17th century male centered mentality. It put a face onto the increasingly unbearable problem of social inequality and challenged the way people thought of diversity and what should be considered morally right.

Suddenly a whole spectrum of largely ignored issues came onto surface shaking up the old way of thinking.

The story also influenced the movement against the slave trade, adding a human aspect to the very inhumane practice.

Yarico’s story once helped changed the course of history and we are bringing it back to life in hope it will raise the awareness about those, who like Yarico did, suffer from slavery today. We actively support charities whose mission is to bring the issue of modern slavery into public debate, such as the Anti-Slavery International and Sport for Freedom.

We believe her story sends a positive message that resonates with todays’ society.

It’s not the victimhood and tragedy of her story that stand out – it’s the strength and persistence, it’s the zest for life and adventure, and the belief in love, that form the meaning of Yarico’s story.

Today she is a woman with million faces, she is you.